Supervised Sports

Supervised Sport and Body Weight Loss

  • Obesity and overweight are common health problems in most society including our society.
  • Patient may not be able to go on standard health clubs due to lack of supervision or may not exercise by themselves due to high risk especially if they have a health related problems such as knee or back pain surgery or other medical problems.
  • Our weight loss programs are individually tailored for each patient based on each condition they need and targets.
  • We use exercise equipment and select different sports techniques based on the patient condition.
  • Your exercise for weight loss of us will minimize risk of injuries or making your health symptoms worse.

Neck & Back Pain & Surgery

  • Neck and back surgeries need care for three to six months after the surgery.
  • Tight ligaments and or slight contracture on the neck and back muscles.
  • Joint mobilization and stretching
  • Medical Yoga
  • Medical Pilates
  • Fitness

After Knee or Hip Surgery

  • Total hip and knee replacement surgeries are safe and common surgeries.
  • Specific protocols are used for these patients.
  • Regular follow up and reporting to the surgeon.
  • Joint mobilization and stretching
  • Gym training
  • Medical Pilates
  • Fitness
  • Body weight control

High Blood Pressure & Diabetes

  • High blood pressure is a condition that can lead to stroke, heart and coronary artery diseases.
  • Diabetes is a metabolic condition that may lead to many complications if not managed.
  • Manual therapy
  • Relaxation therapy
  • Medical yoga
  • Medical pilates
  • Fitness

After Cardiac Surgery

  • Cardiac patient needs a program specific in intensity, duration and nature.
  • Controlled fitness
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Accepts referral from surgeon

Post Natal

  • Recent mothers need help in controlling delivery pain, and to regain energy and fitness.
  • Manual therapy and fitness at home by the physiotherapy.
  • Post normal delivery or C – section
  • Post-natal osteoporosis
  • Disruption in your menstrual cycle
  • Incontinence
  • Post natal diastases recti
  • Post natal ostitis pubis

Medical Pilates Course

  • Pilates is an exercise based on a school of thought that aims to strengthen your core muscles.
  • Gives you access to therapists specialized and qualified in providing therapeutic Pilates.
  • Research has shown that Pilates is an effective exercise in managing chronic conditions such as lower back pain, neck pain and disorders, cervical headaches, and strengthening your core and postural muscles.

Medical Yoga Course

  • Therapists specialized in therapeutic yoga.
  • Takes into consideration your lifestyle, fitness and wishes to achieve your personal goals.
  • Improve your fitness by making therapeutic yoga as part of your lifestyle.

Ball Exercises & Training

  • Ball exercises are effective in strengthening muscles for stability and posture.
  • Our trained physiotherapist will guide you in achieving stability of your core muscles and promote good posture.

Case for Supervised Sport

  • Body weight loss
  • Low back pain
  • Joint arthritis
  • Post natal
  • After knee and hip surgery
  • Neck pain
  • Maintain health and fitness